Generac EcoGen

Generac's EcoGen is the solution for automatic backup power in an alternative energy system, like wind or solar power.



Why Invest in Backup Power in an Alternative Energy System?

Even with wind or solar power, there is a chance your batteries will drain, leaving you without power. EcoGen can recharge your batteries in the interim. See how the features of the EcoGen home backup generator make it ideal for off-grid use in an alternative energy system.



EcoGen Features:

Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR)

The brains behind the G-Flex technology, the AVR monitors electrical demand and reduces engine speed accordingly. It also keeps tabs on alternator output frequency at lower engine speeds. Then it electronically manipulates alternator output to achieve 60 Hz electrical power. In doing so, it produces exceptionally clean power—less than 2.0% THD.


Specialized Alternator and Skewed Stator

The rotor has three windings instead of the normal two. They are electronically controlled by the AVR to ensure 60 Hz output, even at a lower speeds. The skewed stator produces a smooth output wave form for compatibility with sensitive electronics.



The unique resonator is specifically designed to improve sound quality and minimize overall sound levels. The result is a lower tone that, when combined with the generator’s quieter operation, is more pleasing to the ear. During its weekly exercise, the Generac EcoGen is about as quiet as riding in a luxury automobile.

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